Introducing Two New Fender Style Kits

When it comes to 6 string Fender® style DIY kits there’s Strat’s, Tele’s and that’s it, right? Well no longer! The Starcaster® and Jazzmaster® are two awesome, but often overlooked models from Fender’s range. Now you can build your own guitar heavily inspired from these models. Let’s take a quick look …

Fender Starcaster style

Full kit contents

The Starcaster was ahead of its time when it was introduced in the 70’s as it didn’t do so well back then, but has attracted a lot of interest in modern times. The semi-hollow design is quite a departure from Fender’s better known solid body models, but they went down this path to try to compete with Gibson’s 335. The offset body shape completes the retro look and we’ve included a flame maple top AND back with white binding to ensure a kit that has no equal. This model is aching for a Wudtone finish and we can’t wait to see your photos.



Fender Jazzmaster Style

Complete kit contents

If jazz or blues is more your thing, you’re going to love the look and sound of this kit inspired by the Jazzmaster. It features cream P90’s, red tort pickguard, closed back tuners and a vintage bridge with tremolo. As with all our 6 string kits, we throw in our bonus pack that includes copper shielding tape, D’Addario strings, picks and pick holder. Once again, this kit would be well accompanied with a choice of easy-to-apply Wudtone finish.



Both models are in stock now for immediate delivery.

Got any comments or questions about these kits? Feel free to comment below.

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