Firebird Worn Turquoise

We love seeing the end result of your kit, especially when it’s something outside the norm. So this Firebird kit from Cauê Camargo definitely raised our eyebrows. Here’s the story in his own words:

I bought the Kit and started to build the guitar as I wanted. First thing was to imagine a worn guitar, looking vintage and scratched, so I started the building. Some tools and a cheese grater (using as a gross to shape the headstock), I sculpted the headstock with a Reverse Firebird Style, with slightly changes. I ordered a Gotoh used bridge to keep the sustain in. For the Pickguards, I took a 3mm Acrylic A4 and cutted with a hot knife and sanding to smooth the edges. For the finish, as I wanted it to look worn, I used oil based paints (art paints). First, I isolated the two “wings” on the front and painted it Black (diluted in Tung Oil) and sanded. Then, a good coat of turquoise paint over all the body (diluted turquoise for the black “wings”) and air drying for 1,5 Week. After that, 4 coats of Tung Oil without sanding between the layers. There is the result. A vivid and vintage looking worn turquoise. As this is a project, this is the first view, but I’m looking forward to make modifications on tuners, pickups and neck joint screws.

=== END ===

This was the first time we bought the Firebird style and it proved to be very popular. Right now we’re sold out, but there’s more coming in the next shipment. Thanks for sharing your creation Cauê.

Richard became addicted to the Internet back in 1993. After building websites for others for 16 1/2 years, it was time to work on some of his own projects including DIY Guitars. However it's the team that makes things happen - thanks Trent and Tina - couldn't do it without you.

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