Building your own guitar is something few people can say they’ve done, and it’s also an extremely rewarding experience to have made. However, until now, this has been a time consuming process, required good knowledge of woodwork, needed specialty tools and can be very expensive.

DIY Guitars is here with an answer to those problems, guitar kits. We will give you everything you need to get on your way (minus some very basic tools) to building your own guitar to call your own!

The DIY Guitars Team

Here at DIY Guitars, our staff are full time enthusiasts of all things guitars. Including (obviously!) playing, tinkering, repairing, and more recently building, all things guitars! We are striving to not be the biggest, but the best outlet for all things guitars and more so building them!

If you ever have any questions at all, please either use the chat feature in the bottom right section of the website, or contact us, we’re here to help!